indonesianlondon at Wisma nusantara

2005 was the first time I knew this event , it was excited because I am still in the middle of homesick and the weather was amazing x
Since then I am trying to manage my self to always attend this great event! all Indonesian are hang out together at the ambassador and food glorious food !



Wisma nusantara that’s the name of this place , always use the opportunity to wear “batik ” one of Indonesian famous craft . The weather in UK has been horrendously nightmare this few years, so it’s bit shame to cover that “batik” with COAT!



It’s blessed to share this fantastic moment with family and friends, the good thing with Indonesian , we are so friendly , even this event only to celebrate independence day and iEd and held at ambassador’s but we are open to non indonesian, non particular religion , and also non diplomat! So this is the best time for everybody to have some joy and fun together and EAT a lot .





The fun bit is always this entertainment singing and dancing “dangdut ”
it’s always their habit to invite one or two Indonesian celebrities like singer from
Jakarta indonesia to cheer the crowd and “dangdut ” is the best to move the crowd ! “dangdut ” is the most popular and unique type of music in Indonesia and the tune always take you to the dance floor and shake your hip and stuff







24/7 I cook my Indonesian. Food in UK but on this particularly time I manage my self to not cooking single meal and enjoy all the food from stall to stall ! Food glorious food ! When you’re in Indonesian zone you’ve gotta be munching all time ! it’s but pricy because each stall they’re charging Β£5 each meal, but hey it’s only once in a year and I think I should let my hair down and spending for all this beauty ! Make sure go to the cash point before you come here because they are only take cash.


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