Pisang goreng chocolate chips ( banana chocolate chips fritters )


Well oh well ” pisang goreng ” is one of Indonesian favourite snack All time ! When I am having this , always imagining eat pisang goreng and it’s raining outside with the smell of “Kretek cigarette ” plus Indonesian coffee and put one of my leg up on chair ! ( hmmm sound’s too acrobatic ? ) anyway some people when they are trying to moderate it with grated of cheddar cheese , I will try to moderate them
With chocolate chips ! And the result : you tell me ! But all my folks loved it , hope all of you will

Indonesian :
3 pisang tanduk matang
6 sdm tepung terigu
1 sdt garam
1 sdt vanili
4 sdm gula pasir atau gula aren
Chocolate chips secukupnya
Air matang secukupnya
Minyak sayur

Cara membuat :
Campur terigu dengan gula, garam dan vanili kemudian tuang air sedikit demi sedikit sambil di aduk dan tekstur nya menjadi adonan lalu campur dengan chocolate chips dan aduk rata kembali sementara pisang di kupas dan di potong kira kira 2 cm tebal nya lalu masukan kedalam Adonan di hingga tercampur rata . Panas kan Minyak fan goreng pisang hingga kecoklatan dan matang


Ingredients :
3 ripe plantains
6 tbs plain flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla
4 tbs caster sugar or soft brown sugar
Chocolate chips as you like
Cooked water as you need
Vegetable oil

How to cook :
Making a batter mix the flour with sugar , salt and vanilla all together and pour the water bit by bit until you have the perfect texture for your batter dough then add choclate chips and mix well and chopped plantain for 2cm thick and put all in your batter and mix them
Well again until all covered . Heat the oil and fry then till cool and brown ,

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