oseng tauge tahu ( stir fry bean sprout and tofu )

I like bean sprout a lot ! The crunchiness and especially when you quick stir fry them mmmm just delicious ! with this menu you can mix and match with anything on table ! especially with sambal , anyway here’s the recipe

Bahan – bahan :
300-500 gr tauge
2 batang daun bawang iris tipis
Tahu goreng potong kotak kotak
4 bawang Putih iris tipis
3 bawang merah iris tipis
Gula dan garam
Air matang
Minyak goreng
1 tomat belah 4
Merica Bubuk
Kaldu sayur Bubuk bebas MSG
Cara membuat :
panas kan Minyak dan Tumis bawang merah dan Putih dan daun bawang hingga layu , masukan tauge dan
aduk rata , siram air dan tutup kemudian sambil dicicipi masukan garam , gula dan kaldu dan Merica , berikut dengan tomat aduk rata , tunggu hingga mendidih dan sajikan

Ingredients :
300-500 g bean sprout
2 stalks spring onions sliced
Fried tofu and diced
4 cloves garlics sliced thinly
3 cloves shallots sliced thinly
Sugar and salt
Cooked water
Vegetable oil
1 tomato divided 4
White pepper powder
Vegetable stock powder freeMSG
How to make :
Heat the oil and sauté the garlics and shallots till soften and add bean sprout then stir well pour the water and cover , seasoning with salt, sugar , white peppers and stock then add tomato stir very well the. Leave to boil and serve


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