my very own raspberry _ currant jam ( selai raspberry dan blackcurrant buatanku )


It’s all began from Grays farm in wokingham, went there for family day out and it’s superb place to hang out with your family actually, we were lucky because the weather was great and we knew that we’re going to pick fresh raspberry etc ! Picking and eating fresh fruits and vegetables straight from their trees made you realise how delicious they are and completely different flavour from the one in the shop and supermarket, so … I just think , maybe it would be so awesome if I make my own jam ! Whoa….My very own jam , sound’s very scientific for me , ha ha ha … I though , why bother making jam ? There’s plenty jam on the shop and supermarket ? but ..hey, making your own jam , knowing what you put in , picking and mixing your favourite fruits and you can decide how much sugar on it and damn satisfied when you see the result ! Plus you can decorate your own jar ! how’s that sound ? anyway here’s mine and I hope you’ll like it




Bahan – bahan :
1 buah lemon
500 gr – 1 kg gula pasir
400 gr raspberry
350 gr – 400 gr blackcurrant

Cara membuat :
Steril toples selai bekas dengan mencuci bersih dengan air hangat Bersamaan dengan tutup ya kemudian panas kan oven 160C dan masukan toples tersebut hingga 10 menit dan biarkan di dalam oven hingga selai masak
Untuk selai : masukan raspberry dan blackcurrant ke dalam
Panic dan masak hingga buah mulai mendidih dan masukan gula
Aduk sambil di tekan tekan, biarkan 10 menit dan aduk lagi lalu biarkan 5 menit hingga mendidih kembali dan cek apakah teksturnya Sudah mengental ? lalu peras air Dari jeruk lemon dan aduk merata , Matikan api dan mulai lah Isi selai kedalam toples , biarkan hingga dingin dan jangan lupa di beri label toples nya, kemudian tutup tople dengan Kertas kasa atau kain yang steril lalu tutup rapat dengan tutup toples nya dan biarkan 3 Minggu di dalam lemari yang bebas Dari sinar matahari atau panas ,

Ingredients :
1 lemon
500 g – 1 kg gula pasir
400 g raspberry
350 g – 400 g blackcurrant

How to make :
Sterilised your empty jars by washing them with hot water and then preheat 160c oven and put your jars and their kids inside for 10 minutes and leave them in until your jam is cooked,
to make your jam : put all the fruits in the saucepan and cook them till boiling then add sugar and stir it by pressing the fruits and leave it for 10 minutes then stir again and leave it for another 5 minutes till boil and check for the texture , is it sticky an thickening ? Then squeeze your lemon and stir well, turn off the heat and you can start pour your fruits mixture in you jars , leave them cool and cover them
With sterilised fabric or wax paper and covered with your lids securely tight , and leave in a very dark and cool cupboard for 3 weeks until it set ,



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