Teri kacang balado ( spicy dried anchovies with peanuts )


I love this ! If you like Indonesian food , you should try this! This side dish is my fav, I call it my emergency food because , if I can’t finished this on a day I can put this in a jar then it will last longer and you can have this just only with your steam rice only or I treat them like my “popcorn” I always nibble them when I am watching telly! So … Who said it won’t finish on a day eh ?
If you live out of Asia , you don’t have to worry about wash them
Because not too salty and they are ready to cook and packed nicely , if you live particularly in Indonesia
And bought this from traditional
Market , you may wash them because you can see a big amount of the salt on them which is NOT GOOD !any way selamat mencoba !

Bahan – bahan :

Ikan Teri asin kering ( kalau terlalu banyak garam di Cuci Trus di Jemur lagi ) Lalu di goreng kering
4 siung bawang merah
4 cabe merah besar
8 cabe merah rawit
Garam, gula pasir
Kacang tanah di goreng
1 tomat

Cara membuat :
halus kan tomat, cabe , bawang merah, dan panas kan Minyak dan Tumis bumbu cabe hingga harum, Tambahkan gula dan garam sambil di cicipi aduk rata dan biarkan hingga asat Bari masukan goreng an Teri dan kacang lalu aduk rata dan sajikan

Ingredients :
Dried salted anchovies ( if you found too many salt on it , you can wash the anchovies and dry them again then you can fry them till crispy )
4 cloves shallots
4 big red chillies
8 red bird chillies
Salt and sugar
Peanuts ( fried )
1 tomato

How to use :
Pound the tomato, chillies, shallots, then heat the oil and then sauté the chilli paste till fragrant then you can seasoning with salt and sugar the. Stir well and leave it till not too oily then you can add the anchovies and peanuts all together and stir well then serve


3 responses

    • abdi urang Sunda juga? Sami Sami nya’ punten komen nya’.
      without sugar? I put it on the recipe thou, so i put sugar little bit because I live with my “bule husband” therefore I need to be ” pengertian ” he he he .

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