Beef rendang


When I cook this recipe I always imagining eating this menu with all my family in Indonesia , when I was still leave in Indonesia and never touch kitchen , I thought I won’t be able cook this menu because look and sound very complicated! as long you’ve got the principal “there is a will there is a way ”
And got the right ingredients , everything sorted!
with rendang, I like it bit dry , and they are amazing urgent food at the end , the more you heat it few times, the taste is even better! if you fancy dry just leave it cook
A bit while but stir it well, if you fancy with a bit of sauce you can leave it when the sauce is about thickening, rendang for me it has to be HOT! It’s Sumatran food ! But I believe rendang is famous and worldwide now and some foreigners can’t tolerate the real flavour of Sumatran taste bud! so If you brave just add more chillies and if you like mild just less chillies and add bit coconut milk in it, with turmeric leave? If you can’t find the leave it’s not the en of the world ! Your rendang is still spot on ! As long you add bit more turmeric and coriander for extra flavour! anyway hope this will help you to show of your family on your big day or dinner party

Bahan – bahan :
700 g daging sapi has dalam di potong kotak kotak
500 ml santan cair
500 ml santan kental
2 batang sereh di keprek
2 Lembar daun Salam
4 Lembar daun jeruk
20 cabe rawit merah Jika suka pedas
10 cabe merah besar
10 bawang merah
8 bawang Putih
2 Lembar daun kunyit
1 ruas Jari kunyit segar atau 2 sdm kunyit Bubuk
2 sdm ketumbar Bubuk
4 kemiri sangrai
1 Asam kandis Jika suka
2 cm lengkuas keprek
Garam, gula secukupnya
Air untuk merebus daging
Minyak sayur

Cara membuat:
Rebus air dan masukan daging hingga empuk dan ambil daging dan keprek daging sisihkan
Sementara halus kan bawang merah, bawang Putih, cabe besar dan cabe rawit , kemiri, kunyit , ketumbar dan setelah itu panas kan Minyak dan Tumis bumbu hingga harum, masukan sereh, lengkuas, daun Salam dan daun jeruk , daun kunyit dan Tumis beberapa saat, tuang santan cair dan masukan asam dan biarkan mendidih, masukan daging dan biarkan beberapa saat dan tuang santan kental dan aduk dan sambil dicipi Tambahkan garam, gula , biarkan hingga asat , atau berminyak


Ingredients :
700 g beef diced
500 ml thin coconut milk
500 ml thick coconut milk
2 stalks lemongrass crushed
2 bay leaves
4 Kafir lime leaves
20 red bird chillies if you like extra hot
10 red chillies
10 cloves shallots
8 cloves garlics
2 Turmeric leaves
1 finger fresh turmeric or 2 tbs ground turmeric
2 tbs ground coriander
4 candle nuts dry fried
2 cm galangal crushed
Salt and sugar
Water to boil the meat
Vegetable oil

How to make :
Boil the meat till soft and cook and drained them beat gentle then set a side meanwhile pound the shallots, garlics, chillies, candlenuts, turmeric,coriander till became paste then heat the oil then saute them till fragrant ,
Add lemon grass,galangal, bay leaves and line leaves then leave it few mins then pour thin coconut milk then add tamarind and leave it boil the add the meat and leave it for while then add thick coconut oil then seasoning with salt and sugar then stir well and leave it till the sauce is thicken or oily


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