Rajungan saus srilanka ( small crabs in srilankan sauce )


moved to Bracknell and found this Asian groceries it's a blessing for me, especially they are selling great seafood as well every Saturday and I can order them in advance. found this small crab and they're selling those cheaper than London price that's even better for me ! the owner of this shop originally from srilanka and he gave me this recipe ( srilankan sauce )and also they are selling ready to cook ingredients in a jar as well , anyway here's the recipe and I thought it's amazing !

Bahan – bahan :
2 – 3 Rajungan segar bersihkan
1 batang sereh di keprek
2 cm jahe
1 ruas kunyit
1 cm lengkuas
2 lembar daun Salam
1 cangkir santan
Minyak samin
Minyak sayur
1 bawang Bombay potong kotak kotak

Bumbu halus :
1 sdm ketumbar
1 sdm kunyit Bubuk
1 sdt jinten Bubuk
1 sdt jahe bubuk
2 – 3 cabe merah
1 sdt biji mustard
1 jeruk limau
4 siung bawang Putih
Lada hitam

Gula dan garam secukupnya

Cara membuat :
Halus kan semua bumbu : ketumbar, kunyit, jinten, bawang Putih, mustard,cabe,Lada hitam dan perasan air jeruk dan sedikit garam
Lalu panas kan Minyak dan Tumis bumbu hingga harum dan sisihkan

Rebus air dan masukan sereh, jahe , lengkuas, kunyit dan sedikit garam dan rebus rajungan selama 12 menit dan sisihkan

siapkan wok, panas kan Minyak dan Tumis bawang Bombay hingga layu dan masukan Tumisan bumbu halus Dan biarkan beberapa menit , tuangi santan sambil dicicipi bisa ditambah gula dan garam dan biarkan mendidih dan masukan rajungan dan masak hingga matang .

2 – 3 Small crabs cleaned
1 stalk of lemon grass crushed
2 cm ginger
1 index finger size turmeric
1 cm galangal
2 bay leaves
1 cup coconut milk
Palm oil
Vegetable oil
1 onion diced

Ground paste :
1 tbs ground coriander
1 tbs ground turmeric
1 tsp ground cumin
1 tsp ground ginger
2 – 3 red chillies
1 tsp mustard seeds
1 lime
4 cloves garlics
Black pepper

Sugar and salt for seasoning

Cara membuat :
Pound all the ground ingredients to make like a paste : coriander,cumin,garlics,mustard,chillies,ginger,black pepper and lime juice and bit of salt then heat the palm oil and sauté the paste till fragrant and set a aside
Boil the water with lemon grass, ginger, turmeric, galangal, bay leaves and bit of salt and put the crabs and boul till 12 mins, and set a side

Prepare the wok and heat the oil them sauté the onion till soft and add the paste then stir it till fragrant and add the coconut oil and leave it boil seasoning well with salt and sugar , then you can put your carb and cook it well

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