Bolognese sauce

I like this sauce ! And I think it’s godsend , I always make these in large quantity and some of I will store in the freezer and I will reuse again for my urgent emergency food !
from my experienced , all my family really love this sauce from this recipe , although I am Indonesian cooking bolognese ? Anyway buon appetito !
Bahan – bahan :
500 gr daging cincang
150 gr Jamur kancing chestnut ( cincang halus )
1 bawang Bombay cincang halus
5 bawang Putih cincang halus
5 sdm pasta tomat
2×400 gr tomat kaleng
Garam, gula , lads hitam
1 cangkir Italian red wine
2 kotak kaldu sapi Tanpa MSG
2 lembar daun Salam
Minyak Zaitun

Cara membuat :
Panaskan Minyak dan bawang Bombay 3 menit dan masukan bawang Putih dan daun salam kemudian Tumis 1 menit , masukan pasta tomat dan Jamur , Tumis merata hingga Jamur layu , masukan daging dan aduk rata hingga daging berwarna kecoklatan , api di naik an sedikit dan tuang red wine kemudian api di turunkan kembali dan biarkan beberapa saat kemudian masukan 2 kotak kaldu sapi dan biarkan hingga kaldu resolved , masukan tomat kaleng dan aduk rata biarkan hingga medidih, sambil dicicipi Tambahan garam, gula dan pada hitam kemudian masak hingga saus asat!
Sajikan dengan spaghetti atau pasta lainnya sesuai selera dan bisa juga di jadikan saus lasagna, dan jangan lupa taburan keju Parmesan atas nya !

500 g organic minced meat
150 g chestnut mushroom finely chopped
1 onion finely chopped
5 cloves garlics finely chopped
5 tbs tomato paste
2×400 g tin tomatoes
Salt, sugar and black pepper
1 cup Italian red wine
2 cubes beef stocks free MSG
2 bay leaves
Olive oil

Cara membuat :
Heat the oil and sauté he onion till 3 minutes and garlics plus bay leaves for 1 minute, add tomato paste and mushrooms and cook till mushrooms are soft, put the meat and cook them till the meat become brown and turn up the heat and pour some red wine them turn down the heat agai and leave it for a while then you can put the stock cubes and leave until the stock are resolved , then you can pour all your tin tomatoes and stir well, seasoning with salt , sugar and black pepper and leave the sauce till it’s thicken
Serve the sauce with spaghetti or other pasta as your like , you can use this sauce for your lasagne as well , oh don’t forget sprinkled some good parmagiano cheese on top !


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