My own Jubilee cake


Ready for jubilee weekend ! Oh well , I am Indonesian and I think it’s pretty normal if I fascinated with all the royal stuff! but there’s more satisfying when I finished this jubilee cake of my own! Phew , what a work ! now … Now.. Your highness where’s my British passport then ? 😝
For the cake itself I used Madeira recipe , and filling I used butter cream and strawberry jam! And of course decorations all we need is SUGAR ! Ready make colourful rolling icing sugar , god save the queen and whoever making this cake !

Bahan – bahan :
Madeira cake :
175 gr gula pasir halus
175 gr mentega halus
250 gr tepung terigu self raising
1 lemon ( parut kulit luar nya )
1 sdt vanili
3 sdm susu cair
3 butir Telur ayam kampung
Pewarna kue warna merah

Cara membuat :
Panaskan oven 180C
Siapkan 2 loyang terpisah dan olesi mentega dan taburan extra terigu
Mulai kocok mentega fan gula pasir hingga halus, masukan telur dan vanili, kocok dan masukan terigu sedikit Demi sedikit dan terakhir susu cair dan kulit lemon tadi , kocok hingga Adonan halus dan Adonan di Bagi dua , setengah biarkan denga warna Adonan dan yang setengah nya lagi beri pewarna kue warna merah
tuang Adonan di masing masing loyang dan panggang hingga 30-40 menit di menit ke 20 di cek dan temperature di turunkan 150c dan biarkan extra 10 menit , setelah matang biarkan dingin dan bisa di isi dengan filling butter cream dan di dekorasi dengan icing sugar

Isi an
Butter cream :
75 gr mentega halus
50 gr gula halus
1 sdt vanili
1 sdm susu cair
Selai strawberry
Cara membuat :
mixer semua bahan hingga lembut,kecuali selai strawberry jika kue Sudah Siap di isi , oleskan pada kue bagian yang pertama dan oles selai strawberry diatasnya dan tutup dengan kue yang kedua ,

Tambahan :
Selai apricot
Merah, biru dan Putih ready to use rolling icing sugars

Panaskan selai apricot dan biarkan dingin, oleskan di seluruh bagian luar kue dan mulai dekorasi rolling icing sugar ! Good luck

English :
Bahan – bahan :
Madeira cake :
175 g caster sugar
175 g soft butter
250 g self raising flour
1 lemon zest
1 tsp vanilla essence
3 tbs milk
3 free range eggs
Red food colouring

How to make :
Preheat oven 180C
Prepare 2 different cake tins and spread some butter and sprinkled some flour inside it
The. Start mixer butter and sugar till soft and add the eggs and vanilla mix it well and add the flour but by bit then pour the milk and zest , mix till it soft
Divide the Dough into 2 different bowls, half of the dough just leave it natural colour and the other one drop some food colouring into it and pour the dugh into different tins and bake them for 30-40 mins , check on mins 20 then reduce he temperature into 150c then bake again for 10mins , when the cakes are done lave it cool and you can start to filling the cakes and decorate them

Butter cream :
75 g soft butter
50 g icing sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1 tbs milk
Strawberry jam
How to make :
mixer all the ingredient till it cramy and soft apart the strawberry jam the. Spread on the top of your first cake and spread the strawberry jam on top then sandwich the cake with the other cake Set aside

Additional :
Apricot jam
Red , blue, white ready to use rolling icing sugars

Meanwhile melt the apricot jam and leave it bit cool and spread all over the cakes the outside part the you can start decorate with your ready make rolling icing sugar ! Good luck



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