Looks like you are cooking for 20 people on your wok! But trust me, this dish is addictive ! And you can finished all in one go! I really like capcay! Easy, healthy and yummy and incredibly so quick to make !
Bahan – bahan :
5 siung bawang Putih iris tipis
1 siung bawang Bombay potong kotak
2 sdm Minyak wijen
2 batang daun bawang cincang kasar
150 gr Jamur merang iris iris
100 gr udang kupas potong
2 fillet paha ayam potong kotak
50 gr crab stick atau baso belah dua
100 gr kembang kol
100 gr brokoli
100 gr sawi Putih iris iris
70 gr kacang Capri
70 gr jagung muda potong menjadi 3
400 ml air matang
1 sdm kecap asin atau kecap jepang
3 sdm saus ikan
3 sdm saus tiram
Garam, gula dan Merica secukupnya
2 buah wortel iris iris
2 sdm tepung maizena di campur 50 ml air matang
cara membuat :
Panaskan Minyak wijen di wajan kemudian Tumis bawang Bombay 3 menit dan masukan bawang Putih dan daun bawang Tumis selama 1 menit, masukan kecap asin, aduk dan masukan ayam dan udang Tumis hingga ayam dan udang berubah warna, masukan Jamur aduk rata dan tambah kan saus ikan dan saus tiram, aduk dan masukan wortel, dan kembang kol dan jagung aduk rata dan tuang air, tutup wajan dan biar kan hingga mendidih dan masukan sawi Putih dan brokoli , aduk dan biarkan hingga semua Sayuran matang terutama wortel dan kembang kol, setelah matang masukan Capri dan crab stick aduk rata dan sambil dicicipi tambah kan gula, garam dan Merica ,
Masukan air tepung maizena dan aduk rata hingga mengental , angkat dan sajikan dengan nasi hangat

5 cloves garlics slice thinly
1 onion diced
2 tbs sesame oil
2 spring onions roughly chopped
150 g oyster mushrooms sliced
100 g peeled raw prawn chopped
2 fillet chicken thigh diced
50 gr crab stick or beef meatballs divided 2
100 g florets of cauliflower
100 g broccoli
100 g Chinese cabbage sliced
70 g mange tout
70 g baby corn slice into 3 pieces
400 ml cooked water
1 tbs soy sauce
3 tbs fish sauce
3 tbs oyster sauce
Salt, sugar, white pepper seasoning
2 carrots sliced
2 tbs corn flour mix with 50 ml cooked water
How to cook :
Heat the sesame oil and sauté the onion till 3 minutes and add
Garlic and spring onions till 1 minute, put the soy sauce and store well and add the chicken and prawn and stir until chicken and prawn are cooked
And change their colour , add the mushroom and put the fish sauce and oyster sauce and stir well then add the carrots and cauliflower and baby corn pour the water then stir well and cover the pan with the lid and leave it until it’s boil and cooked then you can add the cabbage plus the broccoli and mix everything well till all the vegetable are cooked, seasoning with sugar, salt and pepper the add mange tout and crab stick or meatballs and then the last time you can pour the corn flour mixture and mix well and then turn off the heat and serve capcay with steam rice



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