Cumi balado Pete ( spicy dried squid with sator bean )


If you dare to try one of Indonesian hardcore recipe , you may try this :
It’s dried squid , Pete beans or sator beans with their special fragrant ! Ha ha ha and spicy hot !

Bahan – bahan ;
5 buah cabe rawit
3 buah cabe merah besar
1 buah tomat
2 siung bawang merah
Pete sesuai selera
Garam dan gula pasir secukupnya
Minyak sayur
Cumi asin atau cumi kering secukupnya
Cara membuat :
Giling atau ulek bawang merah, cabe rawit dan cabe merah beserta tomat dan sisihkan,
Sementara goreng cumi asin atau cumi kering hingga matang dan sisihkan
Panaskan Minyak dan Tumis bumbu cabe hingga harum dan tambah kan gula dan garam, tunggu hingga Tumisan mengental masukan cumi dan aduk rata , Matikan api dan sajikan dengan nasi hangat atau dengan sayur
Ingredients :
5 bird chillies
3 red bug chillies
2 cloves shallots
1 tomato
Sator beans as you like
Sugar and salt for seasoning
Vegetable oil
Dried squid as you like
How to make :
pound or blend bird chillies , red chillies, shallots, tomato into paste and set a side
Meanwhile fry the dried squid till cook and crispy and set aside
Heat the oil and sauté the chilli paste till fragrant and add sugar and salt for seasoning , mix well and leave it till the sauté thicken you can add the squid and stir well , turn of the heat and serve with steam rice and vegetable as well


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