sushi di dapurdini ( sushi at dapurdini )

SUSHI , some people may like or dislike this delicacy , but for me this is my favourite! thought it’s imposible to make my own sushi because , i always worried about finding good quality ingredients especially RAW SEAFOOD ! and then again how to served them ,i thought there’s some rules going on behind this food,but I’ve made it ! and  the best place to find real fine sushi in london is, this place always special for me. not only for their food and stuff . We knew this place from our best japanese mates when we’re lived as  a neighbour in london . when you are looking for great sushi  please stop thinking about the price because you are really need very good stuff for sushi so price always comes second! first time i’ve tried their fatty tuna , for me that’s the best thing for sashimi but everything still great !

before, i thought eating sushi either you just grab them from the counter like the one in supermarket or you just go to sushi restaurant for this delicacy .. but from this kind of shop .. you can have sushi of your own … get the very good quality stuff from this shop and then watching youtube how to present sushi by your own , invite your mates and voila …. it’s just more satisfaction rather than having this meal outside.

always .. heaven when i visited this shop. because their stuff are just irresistible , apart of their amazing sashimi, they also have all kind of amazing  japanese snack like dorayaki, and so on , you can see all variety of sushi rice in fact you can buy good sushi rice , because when you want to make sushi , rice is very crucial thing to make .And also the soy sauce and the  additional ingredients like ginger, wasabi, seaweed wrap, watercress , beetroot pickled and of course misho soup !


i am very happy with the result !

here’s to make the very good sushi rice >

500 gr of very good sushi rice rinsed till clean and rice is ready to cook , and then fill up with 750 ml clean water and using rice cooker leave it till cooked and stir the rice a bit and leave it warm…. when you are ready to make your own sushi you may take out from the rice cooker and  pour 150 ml sushi vinegar and stir the rice very well and for this process you may need another person to help you flapping a piece of  paper to keep the rice cool ( like a fan ) and also to help the vinegar it self blend it well on the rice.

and prepare a bowl of clean water next to you when you are about to make sushi :

wash your hand till cleand and dunk your hand till wett and then scoop some rice with your palm  and make a rice ball same size like your sashimi size, press till the rice is solid and then take piece of sashimi and dab wasabi if you like , and the stick the sashimi with rice and press it together  with your finger and then served on plate

for natto or sticky beans : you just only to open the packet m and then take the 2 little sachets from the packet and then heatthe beans for about 30 seconds in the microwave and then put the 2 sauces from the sachets and blend it well and served

for rice topping : you just need to grab very good young seaweed leaves, roasted sesame seeds, and dried baby anchovies or shrimps . and sprinkled on top of your rice .

to make rasted eel : you can read it on the package . if you wan to have roasted eel on top of your rice you bay leave it as it is , but if you want to make sushi or sashimi, i normally remove the skin first and slice as you like,

my favourite to have japanese feast at home  :

fatty tuna

wild alaskan salmon

sea urchin

yellow fin

roasted eel

sea bream

surf clam

salmon roe

sticky beans

good sushi rice

good wasabi

good soy sauce

good vinegar sushi


good miso soup

good seaweed wrap

beetro0t and pickled ginger

little watercress

good avocado

and japanese mayonaise especial to make california roll

and rice topping !




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  1. I am inspired! I’m always nervous about making sushi at home also, because of the quality of the fish. But this looks so impressive. I’m not sure mine will look so good though. Next stop: Atariya!

  2. I’m really impressed with your writing skills as well as with the layout on your weblog. Is this a paid theme or did you modify it yourself? Either way keep up the nice quality writing, it is rare to see a great blog like this one today..

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