Sambel killer ngiler ( killer indonesian chilli shrimp paste dipping )

is not Indonesian food without this “sambal”


Bahan – bahan :
6 cabe rawit merah buang tangkainya
4 cabe merah buang tangkai dan potong 3 atau 4 bagian
Gula dan garam secukupnya
1/2 buah tomat potong kotak
1 sdt terasi bakar

Cara membuat :
Halus kan / ulek seluruh bahan Sambil di cicipi dan selamat Makan


Ingredients :

6 red bird chilles remove the stalks

4 big red chillies remove the stalks and divide 3 or 4

sugar and salt as you like

1/2 tomato

1 sdt shrimp paste ( toasted )

how to use :

pound everything with your pestle and mortar , seasoning well and enjoy the heat !


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