Eton Mess

One of the reason I love GB , I like this recipe because of all my favourite are in one glass ! and the flavour is amazing x

bahan – bahan :

150 gr buah raspberry
50 gr buah anggur putih
1 buah meringue ( di remukan )
200 ml double cream
kirm kocok
coklat masak

cara membuat :

masak double cream dan coklat hingga larut dan angkat , sisihkan
siapkan gelas dengan menaruh buah buahan sebagai dasarnya kemudian masukkan
meringue, siram dengan 50 ml double krim dan krim kocok diatasnya dan siram dengan
saus coklat atasnya

150 g raspberries
50 g seedless grapes
1 meringue( crushed )
200 ml double cream
Whipped cream
Chocolate for cooking

How to make :

Cook double cream and chocolate till become like a sauce then set aside
Prepare your glasses then start making layer like put your fruits on the bottom then meringue on top and add 50 ml double cream and whipped cream and then your chocolate sauce on top


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